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Paul Nienhiser Makes It Two in a Row With Sprint Invaders Win at Benton County!


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Paul Nienhiser Makes It Two in a Row With Sprint Invaders Win at Benton County!

Paul Nienhiser Makes It Two in a Row With Sprint Invaders Win at Benton County!

(Bill W) Vinton, IA, May 5, 2024 – Paul Nienhiser made it two wins in a row with the Mohrfeld Solar Sprint Invaders Sunday night at Benton County Speedway in Vinton, Iowa. The Chapin, Illinois driver earned $2,000 for his win aboard Scott Bonar’s #50, and also recorded his fourteenth career win with the Sprint Invaders. It was the second in a row for Nienhiser at Benton County, as he became the first repeat winner here with the Sprint Invaders.

Based on his win in the Agriland FS Dash, Nienhiser started on the pole of the 25-lap main event. He attacked the quarter-mile bullring from the outset, trailed by Ryan Bunton and Chris Martin. Cam Martin brought the first caution of the race with a lap three spin. One more lap was in the books when TJ Haddy spun and retired from the event.

Nienhiser led Bunton, Chris Martin, Cody Wehrle and Dustin Clark back to green. Bunton surged when the green fell, and briefly nosed ahead of the leader, but Nienhiser was able to maintain his advantage. Tanner Gebhardt also entered the top five at that point.

Wehrle gained momentum and by lap ten, was attempting a move from fourth to second when Chris Martin got over the top of turn four, slowing his podium run. Nienhiser was able to shoot away on that restart, while Bunton and Wehrle continued their chase. On lap 13, Wehrle was able to maneuver by Bunton for second before the final caution of the event came out for Tyler Lee and Chris Martin with ten to go.

While Nienhiser stayed out front, Bunton used the restart to take back the runner-up spot in a good battle. The last ten laps saw Nienhiser chased to the line by Bunton, Wehrle, Gebhardt and Colton Fisher. Ryan Jamison, Tasker Phillips, Riley Goodno, hard-charger Cam Martin and McCain Richards rounded out the top ten. Chris Martin, Bunton and Wehrle won heat races.

“It’s always a pleasure to come back to Vinton,” said Nienhiser in Victory Lane. “I always like to come here. We’d like to think we’re figuring out the setup here in the 50 car. It’s pretty cool to start the season out with the Sprint Invaders two for two. It was a little crumbly in the Dash, but with as hard as the track was (even after track prep), I knew it was going to come back.”

“Cody’s a heck of a competitor, and it’s a lot of fun racing guys who respect each other on and off the track,” said Bunton. “The car was decent. As an old man now, I struggle a little to hit my marks every lap, but we’re getting there. I’d like to thank my team. Paul has always killed me on restarts, and we really worked on this thing to take off. I just tried to use it to my advantage and get under him. It worked briefly.”

“It was a great night,” said Wehrle. “I love this place. It’s so racy all the time. You can always try things. It was good racing with Bunton. We raced really hard. I didn’t want to see that caution (when he went from fourth to second), but I was able to pass Ryan for second after that. He got back around, so it all came out in the wash in the end.”

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Mohrfeld Solar Sprint Invaders Results

Shottenkirk Automotive Group A main (started), 25 laps: 1. 50, Paul Nienhiser, Chapin, IL (1) 2. 6R, Ryan Bunton, Morton, IL (2) 3. 40c, Cody Wehrle, Burlington, IA (5) 4. 81, Tanner Gebhardt, Burlington, IA (10) 5. 99, Colton Fisher, Mediapolis, IA (9) 6. 51J, Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, IA (8) 7. 1TAZ, Tasker Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (11) 8. 22x, Riley Goodno, Knoxville, IA (12) 9. 4, Cam Martin, Ankeny, IA (16) 10. 31, McCain Richards, Burlington, IA (6) 11. 7, Tyler Lee, Cedar Rapids, IA (13) 12. 4x, Chase Richards, Burlington, IA (15) 13. 17, Nate Parks, Burlington, IA (18) 14. 16, Dustin Clark, Agency, IA (4) 15. 33, Alan Zoutte, Knoxville, IA (14) 16. 44, Chris Martin, Ankeny, IA (3) 17. 21H, TJ Haddy, Waupun, WI (7) 18. G5, Gage Pulkrabek, East Grand Forks, MN (17). Lap Leader: Nienhiser 1-25. $75 Christine Wahl-Levitt/KSE Hard-charger: Cam Martin.

Randall’s Performance Heat one (started), 8 laps: 1. Chris Martin (1) 2. Paul Nienhiser (5) 3. Tanner Gebhardt (3) 4. Riley Goodno (4) 5. Chase Richards (2) DNS – Gage Pulkrabek

Joshua Denning & Associates Heat two (started), 8 laps: 1. Cody Wehrle (2) 2. Dustin Clark (1) 3. Ryan Jamison (3) 4. TJ Haddy (6) 5. Tyler Lee (5) 6. Cam Martin (4)

Morning Sun Farm Implement Heat three (started), 8 laps: 1. Ryan Bunton (4) 2. McCain Richards (1) 3. Colton Fisher (3) 4. Tasker Phillips (5) 5. Alan Zoutte (2) 6. Nate Parks (6)

Agriland FS Dash (started), 6 laps: 1. Paul Nienhiser (2) 2. Ryan Bunton (5) 3. Chris Martin (3) 4. Dustin Clark (1) 5. Cody Wehrle (4) 6. McCain Richards (6)


King Racing Products – Alan Zoutte
DMI – Cody Wehrle
Saldana Racing Products – Chris Martin
BMRS – Ryan Bunton

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